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Team member using heavy machinery to knock over a small tree that will be replaced.

Additional Services In the Spring Hill, Brooksville, and Hernando Beach, FL areas.

Fertilization treatments, sod Installation, leaf removal, and more are offered as additional services for your lawn and landscaping.

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We provide additional lawn and landscaping services in Spring Hill, Brooksville, Hernando Beach, and surrounding Florida areas.

We can inspect your property and provide accurate estimates on additional services that will promote healthy growth for your lawn, all year long.

Sod has been placed on part of the yard of this Spring Hill, FL property.

Lawn mowing and landscape maintenance are just some of the lawn care necessities that go into fully caring for your property. We provide customers with many additional services that can be taken advantage of all year. Our services promote growth all year long that is healthy, and are available for clients in Spring Hill, Brooksville, and Hernando Beach, FL.

You can call us at (352) 596-3396 anytime to discuss getting additional services for your property. We would be happy to inspect your property in detail and provide you with accurate estimates for the services you need.

With our sod installation services, we can give you an instant new lawn or fix any dead areas of your existing lawn.

Yards that are more than 50% dead, or properties needing a lawn, will benefit from sod installation. Sod is a quick way to get an entire lawn installed, or to fix areas of your yard that has dead patches. Sod is cut to fit and laid by our professionals.

Installing sod on your property encourages quick root growth, minimizes weeds, and prevents soil erosion.

4-6 Routine Lawn & Landscaping Fertilization Applications Offered Throughout Spring & Summer.

We offer fertilization options for your lawn and landscaping that consist of routine treatments throughout the year. A typical lawn can see anywhere from 4-6 fertilization applications throughout the spring and summer to keep grass growing strong and to help fight off weeds. Most fertilization packages feed your lawn every 2-3 months, depending on the weather and type of grass your lawn is comprised of.

Mowing & Maintenance, Landscape Trimming, & More Are Offered in Our Routine Property Cleanups

This homeowner's shrubs in Brooksville, FL appear well-groomed and healthy, thanks to the landscape trimming be provided as an extra service.

Routine property cleanups are performed during the fall and spring. Most property cleanups consist of:

  • Mowing and maintenance
  • String trimming
  • Edging
  • Landscape trimming
  • Leaf removal (fall)
  • Mulch or rock installation (spring)
  • Yard debris removal

We also offer one-time overgrown or distressed property cleanups.

Prevent Damage From Fungus, Lack of Sunlight, & Pests With Leaf Removal Services

Leaf removal is especially important for properties that have many trees on them. Leaves can damage your lawn, cause fungus and mold to grow, block the lawn from getting sunlight, and promote a breeding ground for pests.

We utilize professional grade blowers, rakes, and tarps to gather and remove all of the leaves on your property, in order to prevent the damage they can cause.

Our Tree Trimming Services

Tree removal services being performed at a home in Hernando Beach, FL.

We offer scheduled tree trimming services for trees up to 15 feet tall. Trimming your trees on a regular basis is important for the growth of your landscape trees. This is a service that keeps your trees both healthy and beautiful. Our professionals know when to trim and what needs to be removed from your tree to help it grow optimally.


What is Dethatching & Verticutting, Plus How These Services Help Your Lawn

Over time, a layer of thatch builds up between the top of your lawn and the soil below. Thatch consists of dead grass, roots, and debris. Dethatching involves using a tool to break up the layer of thatch.This helps to alleviate compaction.

A small layer of thatch is ok in your lawn. However, when this grows thicker, it can become detrimental to your grassroots, as their nutrients are blocked.

Verticutting is done with a tool that slices directly into the ground. It creates vertical grooves, allowing the seed to be dropped directly into the soil. It allows hydration and sunlight to reach the roots below to help the new seed grow. This process is used to seed bare and thin areas of your lawn.

Hardscaping, such as customized fire pits and patios, can enhance the aesthetics of your landscape and gardens.

Customers, like this resident in Spring Hill, FL, can opt to have TLB Landscaping design and install custom walkways and other hardscape elements.

Are you ready to take your yard aesthetics up a notch? Adding in a feature, such as a fire pit or fireplace, can bring more ambiance and provide an area to spend cool nights outdoors with friends and family. A customized patio can provide you the entertaining space you need to take your indoor parties outdoors. Carefully designed pathways can enhance landscaping and gardens.

Whatever your hardscaping needs are, our team can take care of it for you and enhance your property by using natural construction materials.

Brush Hogging for Unkept or Overgrown Properties

If you have an unkept or overgrown property, bush hogging is the way to go. We have all the professional equipment necessary to clear your property of any brush that is in the way. Our bush hogging services are available for lots that are free of large stones or obstacles, and help cut down the mow time by getting the large brush out of the way.

Reasons for Land Leveling & Grading

Land leveling and grading can be an important part of landscape installation, as it was for this Brooksville, FL property.

Land leveling and grading can be necessary for a number of reasons on your property. For one, it may be required to even out the land and prepare it for the installation of your landscaping design. Grading is common for projects that include drainage systems, landscaping, or construction, such as hardscaping.

During the process of land leveling and grading, we use our tools and equipment to get the slope of your property exactly where we need it to complete your project.

Call us to schedule a consultation or get an estimate on additional services for your lawn and landscaping!

We are a fully equipped, fully insured lawn and landscaping company that provides extensive services in and around the areas of Spring Hill, Brooksville, and Hernando Beach, FL. Contact us at (352) 596-3396 to get an estimate for additional services your property needs. Not sure what type of services your lawn and landscaping need?

Schedule a consultation with one of our experts today to go over the details of your property's current state and find out how we can improve it!

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