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Example of properly installed mulch that is at the recommended depth.

Mulch & Rock Installation In the Spring Hill, Brooksville, and Hernando Beach, FL areas.

Having ground covering installed, such as mulch or rock, in your beds, will actually aid in keeping your plants healthy, while improving the aesthetics of your landscaping.

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Replenish your ground covering with mulch or rock installation services in Spring Hill, Brooksville, and Hernando Beach, FL.

Making the decision to have rock or mulch installed in your landscape beds improves aesthetics and the overall health of your plants.

This landscape bed has had one of the popular mulches for the Spring Hill, FL area laid in it.

It is easy to assume ground covering is applied to landscaping beds and gardens for the purpose of improving aesthetics. However, this is not 100% the case. When you hire our team for rock or mulch installation services to replenish the ground coverings, you are actually making a decision to care for your landscaping beds and give your plants the best chance of survival. 

Whether your aesthetic preferences lean towards rock or more towards mulch, both come with a list of benefits for your plants, trees, and landscaping beds. Ground covering prevents erosion, retains moisture, prevents the spread of plant disease, and provides weed prevention. Choosing your ground cover is a matter of personal preference and the amount of time and work you want to be put into your landscaping beds.?

At TLB Landscaping, we provide rock and mulch installation in Spring Hill, Brooksville, Hernando Beach, and surrounding Florida areas.

Mulch: Various Types, Benefits, & Downside

At the request of this homeowner in Brooksville, FL, TLB Landscaping has installed double-shredded hardwood mulch.

At TLB Landscaping, we recommend using one of our popular mulches:

  • Dark Brown Mulch
  • Black Mulch
  • Pine Bark

We offer natural double-shredded hardwood mulch which, when broken down, provides nutrients for your plants and aids in better plant and tree growth. Mulch also reduces the need for watering as frequently, allows fewer weeds to penetrate the surface, and helps regulate soil temperatures.

The downside to mulch is that it needs to be replaced yearly, you can stress plants by adding too much mulch to your beds, and a mulch installation at the wrong time of the year can be detrimental and therefore cause late blooming and more weeds.

Rock ground coverings offer a low maintenance option and a variety of types to suit different styles and tastes.

This homeowner in Hernando Beach, FL has opted to have white river rock installed into their landscape bed.

Our rock services provide customers with a variety of rock to suit different styles and tastes. The most common rock purchased in the area is white or brown river rock, however, we also offer:

  • Limestone
  • Shell/Shale
  • Marble
  • Granite

Choosing rock for your landscaping beds is a low maintenance option and is usually more affordable because you replenish it less often than mulch.

At TLB Landscaping, we recommend replenishing your rock every two years, while mulch is replaced annually.

Rock lends a few other benefits for your landscaping, including being fireproof, keeping weeds away longer, and being wind resistant, which helps with soil erosion. However, rock can get too hot and cause soil temperatures to rise, which can be detrimental to your landscaping plants. 

Details About the Installation Process

Spring Hill, FL home where a mulch installation is about to begin.

We make sure to check your landscaping beds prior to laying mulch or rock to get an idea for how much material is needed to cover your beds fully. Both mulch and rock should be laid at a depth of 2-3 inches.

When installing your ground cover, we make sure the shape of your landscaping beds are intact and that any old mulch or rock that may be different from your selection is removed. We start with a clean area and keep a few inches of space open around all of your plants. Mulch or rock is then laid evenly throughout the beds to the correct depth.

During replenishment, less of the material will be needed to fill in the gaps for rock; however, laying new mulch requires a good, even layer yearly.

Call for a rock or mulch installation estimate for your property.

Work with us today to decide the best ground covering for your current landscaping beds. We provide aesthetically pleasing options that will protect your plants and prohibit the growth of weeds on your property.

Call us at (352) 596-3396 to get an estimate for mulch or rock installation if you have a property in Spring Hill, Brooksville, Hernando Beach, or other surrounding communities in FL. We will help you gain and maintain stunning curb appeal!

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