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Our professionals are able to provide hand-drawn drawings to our landscape custom design customers.

Landscaping Design & Installation In the Spring Hill, Brooksville, and Hernando Beach, FL areas.

Our landscape design and installation services start with hand-drawn designs and results in a fully installed landscape that features plants that are popular for the area.

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We offer professional landscape design and installation services for homeowners in the Spring Hill, Brooksville, Hernando Beach, and surrounding Florida areas!

From conceptualization to installation, we create well-planned landscapes that compliment your home and enhances your property's appearance.

We have designed and installed both the landscape bed and the paver walkway for this homeowner in Spring Hill, FL.

At TLB Landscaping, we believe the care and consideration put into your landscape design is a reflection of the care you put into your home. Well-planned landscape design and installation provides curb appeal and enhances the overall appearance of your property.

A lot of time, work, and expertise goes into planning an aesthetically pleasing, professionally designed landscape. We work from conceptualization through installation to give you a landscape you can be proud of for years to come. Homeowners in the areas of Spring Hill, Brooksville, and Hernando Beach, FL can take advantage of these services today!

Balance, Focal Points, & Depth Are Among the Design Concepts Used to Generate Hand-Drawn Landscape Designs

Hiring a professional landscape company for your property comes with many benefits, one of which is our capability to create a functional and well-designed space. Through a combination of experience and talent, we are able to generate ideas and create a hand-drawn design for your landscaping.

We use established design concepts to develop a well-rounded landscaping plan. These concepts include:

  • Balance
  • Proportion
  • Focal points
  • Depth
  • Plant selection

One of the most important aspects of creating a landscape design is to take into consideration the types of plants that are native to the area.

Our Landscape Designs Include Popular Palms Such as Pygmie Dates, Queens, & Sables

We use a variety of different palm species in our landscaping designs. Some of the most popular palms used in the communities of Spring Hill, Brooksville, and Hernando Beach are Pygmie Dates, Queens, European Fans, Sables, and Sylvester.

We Use Common Shrubs Like Holly & Trinnete to Provide Contrast and Focal Points

Team member installing small plants into the landscape bed of a residential customer in Brooksville, FL.

Landscaping designs are always made better by choosing the right plants. We use a variety of common shrubs in our landscape designs, because they provide balance and contrast to your focal points, annual flowers, and hardscaping. Some of our favorite shrubs to use in our designs consist of:

  • Trinnete
  • A variety of Crotons
  • Viburnums
  • Holly
  • Muley Grass

Residential & Commercial Landscaping Designed by Experienced Experts

TLB Landscaping is in the process of starting a landscape project for a resident in Hernando Beach, FL.

We are inspired by the styles and architecture of the local area. Our experts are well versed in designing both commercial and residential landscaping spaces. The experience we have, provides us with the knowledge of which plants to include, which ground covering is best for your beds, and how to enhance your curb appeal with the right hardscaping elements.

Prior to beginning your installation phase, our designer will show you handcrafted designs that fit your space. One of the many benefits of hiring our professionals is that we provide construction planning to show you that all of our designs can be constructed efficiently. We work with your budget and give you accurate estimates.

Once you give us the go-ahead, we can move onto your installation phase!

Aspects of the Installation Phase

All of the labor-intensive components of your landscaping design takes place during the installation phase. We first have to remove any pre-existing landscaping. We then follow our detailed design to create your landscaping beds, shaping them to perfection.

Next, we install any hardscaping that you have requested. After that, the plants are marked off into the beds and planted to the appropriate specifications. After the plants have been installed, the final step is to lay your ground covering. Ground coverings consist of mulch or rock, depending on your design plan.

Working with a professional landscape designer provides the benefit of having someone, who is intimately familiar with your chosen design, available to ensure your design is carried out and executed properly.

Winter & Summer Annuals Planted by our Team of  Professionals

In addition to designing and installing your landscaping plan, we offer annual flower planting. We love to help customers brighten up their landscaping beds with carefully placed flowers that bloom and produce an array of seasonal color. Whether you are lining your walkways or filling in planters, both winter and annual flowers are necessary. Some of the most popular summer and winter annuals in Spring Hill, Brooksville, and surrounding areas like Hernando Beach are:

Popular Winter Annuals

  • Coleus
  • Geranium
  • Snapdragon
  • Viola
  • Pansy

Popular Summer Annuals

  • Gerbera Daisy
  • Ornamental Cabbage
  • Purslane
  • Zinnia
  • Caladium

Custom Patios, Retaining Walls, & Other Hardscaping Elements Can Be Added to Your Landscaping

We offer hardscaping services in conjunction with our landscaping services. Some landscapes don't seem finished without a hardscape element. Whether you add a focal fountain or a stone pathway through your gardens, hardscaping is a perfect way to balance plant life with natural stone elements. Hardscaping can be in the form of a custom made patio or a retaining wall that doubles as a planter. If adding a hardscaping element is part of your dream and fits within your budget, let us know during the design phase!

Call us today for an estimate or consultation on landscape design and installation services.

Palm tree being carefully placed into the landscape bed of a homeowner in Hernando Beach, FL.

We work hard with each of our customers to create a landscaping design that reflects their home, budget, and aesthetics. Creating curb appeal and value for your home is our goal! Let our experts bring life and vibrancy to your landscaping with carefully selected plants, annual flowers, and hardscaping elements.

For an estimate or consultation, contact us today at (352) 596-3396.

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