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Backyard of a residential customer who is receiving lawn mowing and maintenance services.

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance In the Spring Hill, Brooksville, and Hernando Beach, FL areas.

Lawn mowing that follows the one-third rule, landscape bed cleanups, and more are included in our lawn and landscape maintenance services.

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Take advantage of our routine, lawn and landscape maintenance for properties in and around Spring Hill, Brooksville, and Hernando Beach, FL.

We provide weekly mows during the Central Florida growing season and monthly mows of once or twice a month when lawn growth slows down.

This %%targetearea1%%, FL homeowner has a well maintained lawn and manicured landscaping courtesy of TLB Landscaping.

In Florida, lawns and landscape plants never stop growing throughout the year, meaning maintenance is routinely needed all year long to keep your property looking its best and growing healthy. In Spring Hill, Brooksville, Hernando Beach, and the surrounding Central Florida areas, the growing season lasts from April through October, requiring weekly mows for most properties.

During the months of November through March, growth slows down as cool fronts settle in, making mowing sessions and lawn maintenance drop down to only one or two times per month. Due to the fluctuating weather in the South, homes can receive different amounts of mowing sessions from year to year.

Mowing, Landscape Bed Cleanups, & More Included With Deluxe Lawn Care Package

Our deluxe lawn care package will maintain your lawn and landscaping from edge to edge, and includes the following services:

  • Lawn mowing following the one-third rule
  • Edging around sidewalks, landscaping beds, and driveways
  • Weed eating/string trimming performed around obstacles in the lawn, such as the house, trees, fences, hardscaping, sheds, and anything else in the way
  • Blowing grass clippings off of the sidewalks and driveways after services are performed
  • Landscape bed cleanup, including weed pulling and spraying herbicide, leaf removal, and bed reshaping
  • Ongoing landscape maintenance throughout the year

All of our services performed are based on the season. Leaf removal is a fall-related service, while weed pulling and spraying are more prominent during heavy growth seasons.


  • Basic services and other packages are available upon request


Benefits of Caring for your Lawn

Homeowners like this one in Brooksville, FL benefit from routine lawn mowing and landscape maintenance.

At TLB Landscaping, we know the importance of caring for your lawn. Lawn mowing is not just a tedious task that needs to be done once per week as another chore. Mowing your lawn has both aesthetic and lawn health benefits, including:

  • Keeping your weeds under control
  • Keeping your lawn free of pests
  • Giving your grass extra distribution of nutrients and hydration
  • Allowing grass clippings to fertilize your lawn and revitalize the soil below
  • Creating a neat, straight-edged appearance for your property

Additional Services

Tree trimming is being performed for this homeowner in Hernando Beach, FL.

There are always extra services available if you want to add more to your basic lawn mowing and landscape maintenance package. We offer trimming, mulch or rock installation, and yard cleanup services. Some additional services are performed on a seasonal basis while others can be seamlessly integrated into your weekly and bi-weekly maintenance.

We Use Well Maintained, Professional Equipment

We use only professional equipment when handling your property's care. Our equipment is always sharp and ready to go to give your lawn the best cut possible. We take time to sharpen our mower blades, string trimmers, and edging equipment on a routine basis.Performing the task of lawn mowing with dull equipment is bad news! It tears your grass blades rather than cuts them, leaving a result that's less than appealing.

Central Florida lawns are mowed all year long, we typically mow weekly April through October then November through March we mow bi-weekly.

Mow Heights & the One-Third Rule

Our business is to know lawns, which means we also know what type of turfgrass your lawn has and how it needs to be cut for optimal growth. Grasses that are made up of St. Augustine and Bahia grass should be kept at 3-4", while Bermuda, Centipede, and Zoysia grasses are kept at a height of 1-2".

When we mow, we follow the one-third rule and cut just that much of the height off to allow your grass to get the best nutrients, sunlight, and water possible.

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Are you ready to jump on board with our services and see a huge improvement in the health and beauty of your property? Our extensive services cover homes and businesses across the Spring Hill, Brooksville, and Hernando Beach areas. Get an estimate from us now by calling (352) 596-3396.

We are ready to bring full-time, routine maintenance to your lawn and landscaping. Let us know what services we can add on, to cover your property completely!

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